Creative Arts Workshops for Young People

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Winners of Lewisham Homes Involver Awards "Best Partner"and "Most Creative Community Project" 2013
We create innovative programmes for young people that motivate them whilst they are learning new skills, which help them as they prepare for the industry path of their choice.

As part of the learning process we create environments that encourage our students to enjoy engaging with and accepting other young people and adults from different backgrounds.
Inspiring young people to find their true potential

RAP Project  


We believe in inspiring young people into action and have found that when they are inspired they propel themselves into action. We develop excellence by inspiring young people to adopt positive attitudes that increase their chances of success.

Developing self-belief is key to young people feeling good about themselves and we endeavour to help them to believe that they can achieve the change they are searching for.

Our programmes are based in spaces where students get a realistic feel for what it is like to work within the creative arts industries. This also helps when breaking down barriers as there is no "classroom" feel whilst they are learning.

From day one students are exposed to real life scenarios and are taught in spaces that reflect the area of the creative industry they are pursuing. E.g: If they are pursing a performance career they are able to experience real stages, lights, sound and equipment.
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