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Imagine Create Express was set up in the summer of 2010. Our aim, to provide training programmes and creative workshops which combine the arts and education for young people, inspiring them to find their true potential. We take the time to nurture their talents and show our young people that they have worth and ability.  
At Imagine Create Express we believe that we can make a significant difference in our community as we serve our young people and their needs.  
We have made it our mission to devise programmes and facilitate workshops which will impact on the students mindset. We believe in education with an emphasis on fun learning and interaction, whilst engaging the students and giving them transferable skills.

It is important that our young people become connected so we engage them through role play, discussion, performing arts and media classes and we combine this with literacy, employability skills, financial capability and life skills.

We provide uniquely creative programmes to young people that take them to the next level of learning. We endeavour to design workshops that have maximum and lasting impact and benefits to the learner. Giving them life changing transferable skills that are relative to their aspirations.

Kocoa Brown is a passionate singer-songwriter who also plays guitar and is a vocal tutor with more than 25 years experience of live performance. She brings her ethos and passion for the creative arts to the company. Using her years of stage experience she helps individuals to be more confident and tap into those often hidden creative talents.

Kocoa teaches singing and performance techniques in schools, arts colleges and various projects and initiatives.  She enjoys developing creative arts projects and is accustomed to nurturing talent. ~ Kocoa also hosts
Acoustically Speaking a monthly event that provides a live performance platform for emerging artists, in safe environments.

 "We're passionate about young people learning in creative environments that really inspire them to find their true potential." Kocoa Brown

Alexon Fergus is a key member of the Imagine Create Express Team who has been instrumental in developing our workshops and programmes.  As a music tutor – teaching keyboards and guitar, Alexon has used his experience as a professional musician, performer, and band leader to give our students a deeper understanding of the benefits of learning their craft well and how the work they put in will benefit them in the professional world. He is an inspirational mentor to young men who are in need of positive male role models.
With his extensive knowledge of curriculum and lesson planning Alexon has been assisting us to adjust and perfect our programmes and workshops, as we get ready to launch our products.

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“All in all, my passion for music and education is very intense and my motivation is
transferred to my learners. An opportunity to do research in the fascinating field of music
education is for me a fulfillment of purpose”. -
Alexon Fergus

Our Links in the Caribbean

Now based in the Caribbean, Alexon continues to have an amazing impact within ICE as he plans for the delivery of our programmes in St Vincent.

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