Croydon Innovation Enterprise Project [CIEP]

For a variety of reasons, young people may become disengaged with the world around them and themselves. They may find themselves within the Criminal Justice System with few prospects for the future, low self-image and suppressed purpose. The Croydon Innovation Enterprise Project [CIEP] exists in response to the needs of disengaged young people.  CIEP aims to lift up the vision of each young person, to take ownership of their own lives, to become an inspiration to their peers.

The CIEP Mentoring Programme is designed and run by Imagine Create Express [ICE] in partnership with Blue Touch Consultancy.

  • Change the prospects of disengaged YP who are not in education employment or training [NEET]
  • Change the prospects of YP within the Criminal Justice System
  • Challenge perceptions of low self- image
  • Inspire YP to recognise their potential and pursue them


We seek to develop outcomes that not only make an impact it the short term, but foster continued progress and development. The following are examples of outcomes experienced through CIEP.

  • YP involved with CIEP become more engaged with the world around them and themselves.
  • YP begin to make informed decisions and are able to identify how skills gained can be taken to other levels.
  • Career progression
  • Preventing re-offending
  • Creating roles models/peer support
  • Optimism
  • The cultivation of individuality
  • Entrepreneurship
Some YP have continued their mentorship within Imagine Create Express with our Mentoring and Befriending programme.


Our YP are recruited from the Croydon Young Offending Team [YOT].  The CIEP Team work closely with Key Workers and other organisations.

STRATEGY: “1-2-1+”

Our approach to responding to this vital need in our society is “1-2-1+”. Our focus is to build relationships with individuals, through 1-2-1 sessions and within group settings. Having reached a place of true expression, for ideas and feelings, mutual respect and appreciation, we are best placed to address and deal with life-changing assessment and future-planning.

Each young person who encounters CIEP is supported through a variety of methods focused on enabling YP to truly appreciate their potential and approach the future, with a real sense of achievable optimism.
  • Mentoring
  • Pastoral Care
  • Direct Learning
  • Opportunities for Work Experience


Workshops provide YP with opportunities to try their hand at various elements of art, through involvement along a creative and self-expressive process, tutors guide YP in the development of transferable key skills and soft skills. They participate in activities that point to their own creativity and potential as individuals and within teams.

Under the Croydon Innovative Enterprise Project, workshops have included subject areas such as the following:

  • Creative Writing
  • Singing,
  • Poetry, Rap, Spoken Word
  • Music Production
  • Film and Multi-media
  • Set Design

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