Employability Skills

  With so many young people applying for fewer jobs, it is important that each young person is clear about their individual gifts, attributes and talents, so that they apply for the correct jobs and can "sell themselves" effectively.

We create bespoke programmes from our range of sessions, designed to address critical areas of the employment process. 

Time periods for our programmes are tailored to the requirements of our clients.


Schoolchildren are struggling to secure work experience placements because of the recession. In some cases there is such a short supply of companies offering placements that Year 10 pupils have not been able to take part in work experience this year.

Employers who previously said yes to placements are now saying they can no longer do it, as they don’t have the staff to support it.The main issue seems to be that many have cut down on staff so can’t afford to have someone looking after a student.”

With a lot of companies making redundancies, even though these placements wouldn’t be paid, managers will have a lot more on their mind and perhaps this has gone to the bottom of the priority list.”


Employability Skills was developed for the purpose
of preparing young people for the workplace.

Young people need to understand who and where
they are in the process of employment, what employers in today's workplace are looking for in new recruits and how they can prepare for and work towards sustaining long-term employment.

Using the Imagine Create Express methodology of engagement through
creative arts tools and exercises, young people are given opportunities for:

  • Self- expression
  • Interaction
  • Learning transferable skills
  • Gaining confidence for the workplace
 Our range of sessions are set within the following units:
  • Personal Qualities
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Organisations Want Employees That Are...
  • Volunteering
  • Application forms, CVs and Covering  Letters
  • Interview Techniques
  • Workers' Rights & Responsibilities

So You Want A Job? Project

A visual exploration of the ups and downs of getting a job in today's current market. The students create a documentary on the difficulties that they face when applying for their first job.

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