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Project Review

This whole week was about allowing young people to experience new things and to really get an opportunity to develop existing skills, passions and potential and what  amazing and individual young people we have had the privilege of working with this week.  They each came with different gifts and talents, likes and dislikes, different goals and motivations. 

One of the most incredible things about the week was the way that the young people respected and encouraged each other through their differences. 

We have seen their confidence grow as each Tutor or Mentor challenged them to try new things.  It's one thing to project confidence as a type of bravado, but to become confident in skills you are developing takes each young person and their self esteem to a whole new level. 

During the course of the week the young people devised their own play and wrote poems that were inspired by key aspects of the storyline.  They were also introduced to body percussion and developed their singing, as well as photography and graphic design skills.

"Thank you to The ICE Team of Tutors and Mentors and to our young people who made this week so enjoyable.  I haven't laughed so hard and so frequently in a very long time." Kocoa Brown

"The Sweet One" @ Beulah Family Church

A Beautiful Evening where the women of Beulah Family Church came together to enjoy tasting and testing and then judging each other's culinary skills.  They invited the Young People from the Croydon Innovation Enterprise Project to provide a pamper session as part this evening.  The CIEP girls have been attending beauty courses at London College of Beauty Therapy [LCBT] and Croydon College and have completed NVQ's at Level 1 and Level 2.

The girls were sponsored by Liz Earle who provided them with all the beauty products they needed to ensure that their clients would leave their  salon feeling thoroughly relaxed and pampered.

Croydon Innovation Enterprise Project [CIEP]

Summer Project

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