RAP Project Feb-Mar 2013

Performance Venue:
The Scream Lounge        
20c South End
South Croydon
Date & Time:
27 March 2013


An opportunity for a group of young people to explore and learn about the artform of Rap and gain a better understanding about Hip-Hop.

Over 8 weeks the workshops will challenge and encourage a new perspective on lyrical content, delivery and performance culminating in a showcase in a Croydon venue where friends and family will be able to see the end result.  

Workshop Venues:

The Shoestring Theatre
Oakley Road
South Norwood
SE25 4XG

The Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre
194 Selhurst Road
South Norwood
SE25 6XX

Niki Carless [Project Manager/Tutor]
Norrin Radd [Rap Artist/Tutor]
Ayesha Smith [Assisting]

Sponsored by:
Croydon Council
With special thanks to Anthony Powell and his Team


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