Young Women's Voices


Due for release in 2012

No matter what age you are, there is a young woman inside of you waiting and wanting to be heard... A young woman who has not had the opportunity to try out the things that you are 'really' passionate about... A young woman that wants to speak her truth... A young woman that wants to reach her full potential. 

For women of all ages, these workshops are filled with opportunties for the young woman in you to discover your hidden gems.  In order to unlock your future, you often have to release your past.

Discovering the individual in you!!!!

Having seen so many young women starting to fall down the path of destruction, it’s time to figureout what is happening to them and start to redress the balance by creating positive opportunities for them to examine their behaviour and how it is affecting them and help to change negative behaviour in order for them to begin to excel in life. 

Young Women's Voice is an empowerment programme  is held over 6 weeks [one session per week] and targets girls in two age groups (14-16 yrs/16-21yrs).  The sessions are worked in small intimate groups of around 8 young women.

Topics covered will be:

* Personal growth
* Teamwork
* Self esteem
* Self discovery and worth
* Building on hopes and dreams
* Discussions on today’s society and the part they play within society.
* Defining the issues they are facing we can they be part of the solution and not the problem.

Young Women’s Voices believes that every young woman can become a leader, we not only want to boost confidence but dispel any fears blocking their progression.

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